There is no good mom out there.

With Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram these days when most people see our posts of our kids cuddling or sharing great sibling moments or fun times at the splash park all we can think is,”Wow, she is so put together. She is so crafty. photo 2-1 She is so in shape. She is so ________(fill in the blank.” But let’s face it, we don’t post our kids screaming in the middle of Target or our kids yelling, “I HATE YOU!” for the first time or those awesome rainbow cupcakes we attempted from a Pinterest post that looked like mud. Why not? Why don’t we show that side of our lives? (more…)

Why we are broke but I’m a stay-at-home mom

1390527_10151990672766340_1610099732_nDid you know….23% of moms (to kids under age 15) are stay-at-home moms? I am proud, humbled and honored to say I am in that statistic. Did you also know that the American consumer debit is crazy?? The average US household credit card debt stands at $15,270. The average household owes  $7,123 on their cards. That’s just insane. BUT…I am NOT proud to say I am also in that statistic. We had over $160,000 in debt in 2008. We now have a little over $57,000 and have paid that down on one income under $60,000/yr. How? Why? How do you live like that? (more…)