Dear Mama at the Mall

I am re-blogging a post I just love today. Every mom can use this at some point, if not today. 🙂

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Dear Mama at the Mall,

I saw you today, struggling with your stubborn little pigtailed two year old.   I watched as you patiently waited for her to pretend to ride all of the little cars that want to swallow your quarters.  You checked your watch a few times–you were probably already late.  But, you smiled and you laughed along with her while she excitedly ran from car to car, watching you all the time to make sure you were sharing in the awesome experience.


I was standing nearby when she had finally jumped into each car twice, and you insisted that it was time to leave.  She didn’t give in easily.  In fact, she continued to move from car to car, and she was fast.  You went after her, smiling at me in an apologetic way as you grabbed her between cars.

She kicked.

She screamed.

She had real…

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Hair Detox? Really?

Ok, obviously I’m on an all-natural, cleansing binge. Yes, I am. I’ll be honest: before you read this, I have not personally done this one yet. I am a little bit, yes, nervous to ditch my regular ole shampoo and say hello to all-natural-no-chemicals-again for my hair. As good as it truly is, being a woman I am sure you other women understand that your hair, well, it’s your hair!! Doesn’t every woman want great hair? I mean sure, if you break out a little from the oil cleansing and such, everyone forgives and understands skin outbreaks. But hair? Oh my gosh. The thought.

Then I remembered: Your natural self is more attractive than something chemically or artificially created. (more…)

Aryuveda and 2014: What they have in common.

ImageYesterday I posted on my new-found love of oil cleansing. So today I felt it fitting to also tell you about my findings over the last 6-9 months on Aryvedic medicine and how beneficial and awesome it can be and is to my health—another new love of mine.

First, what is it?

Thanks for asking. I knew you would. (more…)