I love to make natural, homemade food, beauty products, cleaning products and the like.

Hair Detox? Really?

Ok, obviously I’m on an all-natural, cleansing binge. Yes, I am. I’ll be honest: before you read this, I have not personally done this one yet. I am a little bit, yes, nervous to ditch my regular ole shampoo and say hello to all-natural-no-chemicals-again for my hair. As good as it truly is, being a woman I am sure you other women understand that your hair, well, it’s your hair!! Doesn’t every woman want great hair? I mean sure, if you break out a little from the oil cleansing and such, everyone forgives and understands skin outbreaks. But hair? Oh my gosh. The thought.

Then I remembered: Your natural self is more attractive than something chemically or artificially created. (more…)