All things healthy! Need I say more?

Getting the Yuck out!

Many (if not most) of my close friends and family know I have been on a mission since just before my second son was born 2 years ago to get the unhealthy, nastiness out of our home. Of course it started with me and my kids, then my hubby with our diet and nutrition. We still sometimes slip up–we are human and have been Americanized (as I like to call it) to love processed foods–but we try to jump right back in. Next up is/was the products that go ON our bodies, not just IN them. Why?

Our skin is the largest organ on/in our body. It absorbs everything you put on it. So when toxins and chemicals are in your lotions, sunscreens, facial wash, shampoo, etc it is getting into your body. Yes, it is. So I finally found a company{Beautycounter} I love that has the mission to change the face of this industry. (more…)

Hair Detox? Really?

Ok, obviously I’m on an all-natural, cleansing binge. Yes, I am. I’ll be honest: before you read this, I have not personally done this one yet. I am a little bit, yes, nervous to ditch my regular ole shampoo and say hello to all-natural-no-chemicals-again for my hair. As good as it truly is, being a woman I am sure you other women understand that your hair, well, it’s your hair!! Doesn’t every woman want great hair? I mean sure, if you break out a little from the oil cleansing and such, everyone forgives and understands skin outbreaks. But hair? Oh my gosh. The thought.

Then I remembered: Your natural self is more attractive than something chemically or artificially created. (more…)

Aryuveda and 2014: What they have in common.

ImageYesterday I posted on my new-found love of oil cleansing. So today I felt it fitting to also tell you about my findings over the last 6-9 months on Aryvedic medicine and how beneficial and awesome it can be and is to my health—another new love of mine.

First, what is it?

Thanks for asking. I knew you would. (more…)